Phantom Lab.

       Dentistry education contains highly practical education alongside theoretical. Practical education consist of pre-clinic and clinic application that interdependently connected eachother. As with all other dentistry faculties, in our faculty education starts with “manupilation” course which aimed to teach tooth morphology and advancing manual skill. But modern-day’s emerging technological possibilities and research and development studies have changed dentistry education technologies and created new education resources for dentistry students. As mentioned in many scientific studies, teaching ideal working position is a necessity for professional progress and competance and best way to give that knowledge to students is pre-clinical phantom laboratory.

       In the light of such information it is capable of provide training for 150students simultaneously. Through the phantom model that replaced in front of teacher and a camera replaced on top of the model, students can  observe the applications demonstrated by the teacher via the monitors  replaced in front of them as face to face training and re-apply on phantom models. Tooth strength of the phantom models made as real-like purpose of feels to student as if working on a real patient. Students can make various applications on the model with aerator and micromotor and gain prosthodontic, restorative and endodontic experiences. Tooth  preparation and making of dental bridge put into education process as a begining. Restorative and endodontic applications will put in the education process in the future.

       The phantom laboratory wich will take up an important place of our student’s pre-clinical education, not only gives patient treatment experience before real  clinical applications, but also gives skills of ergonomics which  protects the body health of students in future professional life. Consequently, a knowledge that will be usefull in future professional life of student has given as yet before start clinical practice and student conserved from professional risk factors originated from ergonomic issues. Applications on the models will affect positively to education quality of our faculty and will improve control on clinical applications of students. The education that we gave to our students will be benefical not only from the point of patient health but also protect dentists from health problems that they may face profession in the future.

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