How to Apply?

Application and Research Center provides services under arrangement with SGK to all SGK members .

Patients can get an appointment by using online appointment page.

First time applicants have to apply to the patient reception desk before examination.

After patient registration, oral and radiological examinations are made in Oral, & Maxilofacial Radiology Unit, according to their treatment plan patients are placed in queue by Hospital Automation System.

SGK members can apply with TR Identification Cards. Patients can get qualified provision by MEDULA system can get service from our Center.

According to the legislations, patients with Green Disability Card have to take consignment from 2nd step health instutions. Because of the documents are invoiced to SGK at the beginning of each month, patients are required to renew their consignments at the beginning of each month.

Important Note: According to the legislations, the transaction fee for prosthetic (prosthesis) treatments is covered by the SGK, but patients must pay for specific transactions and for material costs. For this reason, getting detailed information before starting your treatment from your doctor in our Prosthodontics Unit will prevent future problems. Also; there is a contribution fee for all prosthetic (prosthesis) treatments, it is useful to obtain information about the SGK contribution rates from Prosthodontics secretariat.

Important Note: According to the legislations, material costs of orthodontic (wire treatment) treatments are not covered by the SGK, it is useful to obtain information about material costs from the Orthodontics secretariat before treatment.

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