Periodontology; is a science that deals with the health of soft and hard tissues surrounding and supporting teeth or dental implants, and the treatment of them in case of disease.

Periodontology is a Department affiliated to Clinical Sciences of the Faculty of Dentistry. Within the department there are lecturers, specialists and dentists who perform their expertise, intern dentists, nurses, secretaries and assistant staff.

Treatment procedures applied in Periodontology Department:

Initial treatment procedures include oral hygiene instructions, removal of deposits on tooth and root surfaces, elimination of factors that increase plaque accumulation and balancing chewing forces.

Surgical treatments consist of correction of enlarged and deformed gums, correction of abnormal muscle connections, completion of gingival deficiencies surrounding the teeth, root coverage procedures, new attachment and pocket elimination procedures, reconstitution of the diseased bone around the natural tooth and implant, applying implants instead of lost teeth and providing the ideal implant soft tissue relationship.

Supportive periodontal treatment includes periodical control sessions to ensure continuity of health achieved at the end of treatment. Tooth and root surface / implant cleaning and necessary procedures are performed for the purpose of refreshing and renewing information about the patient's oral hygiene.

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