Endodontics is concerned with the study of the form, function and health of, injuries to and diseases of the dental pulp and periradicular region and their prevention and treatment.

Endodontic therapy or commonly referred to as root canal therapy is a sequence of treatment for the elimination of infection from the dental pulp of a tooth. Endodontic therapy involves removal of nerve tissue, blood vessels and other cellular remnants, cleaning and shaping of root canals by means of endodontic files and disinfectants, and obturation of the root canal space with an inert filling.

The scope of endodontics also includes, prevention of pulp disease and vital pulp therapy (pulp capping and amputation), treatment of pulpal diseases (root canal treatment), treatment of traumatic injuries (avulsion, replantation etc), endodontic surgery, treatment procedures related to coronal restoration by means of a core and/or a post involving the root canal space, root-end closure (apexogenezis and apexification), root canal retreatment in case of posttreatment diseases and bleaching of endodontically treated teeth.

Department of Endodontics is connected with the Division of Clinical Sciences of Faculty of Dentistry and includes Undergraduate, Doctor of Philosophy and Specialist Programs. Doctor of Philosophy program is carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Health Sciences whereas Specialist Program is connected with the Ministry of Health.

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